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This is what I looked like after Stitches East!!!!
I wanted to tell everyone thank you for all the support over the last few months.  I had a great time at Stitches and sold 127 skeins of yarn!!!
Very exciting!!!......I am now so busy with orders and talking with the wonderful contacts that I made that I have to concentrate all my energies on my business.  I will be back around oneday.............keep an eye out for me.

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So along with the line of "Spinners Salads" I am also working on these.  Handblended rovings that I am calling "Strawberry Fields Rovings"
The pictures are a bit dark because it was a cloudy day but I wanted to get a few shots to show you them.  This one contains some beautiful wools,  mohair locks, angelina, tencel, and bamboo.  They are soft, soft, soft........each one weighs in at about 4 ounces. For someone that does not have a drum carder they are the answer to creating your own art yarns from rovings.

Strawberry Fields Roving........Rose Garden

Rose Garden

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 Thanks for all the interest in my "Spinners Salad"!!!  This a sample of one.  I have about 20 of them going to Stitches with me.  I didnt get pictures of many of them, but they are all different colors and combinations.  I know I keep promising a webpage and we really are working on it.  I think we can at least get an Etsy shop up and running.  We have just been so busy getting ready for this show that some things fell through the cracks. 

I had so much fun making these that I could do it all day.  I think Richard did a great job turning the fiber into salad!!!!  I did the first one and his all looked a ton better..........Some of them I just wanted to spin up right away........

Well......we just got here after an 8 and a half hour drive so I am tired beyond tired.  Traveling with 7 dogs, a cat and a fish always makes for an adventure!!!!.......We are getting so good at it........

"Party Time".......Spinners Salad


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Here is another Yikes.......I love these yarns!!!  So much fun to make, this one even has a bit of rope in it that I cut up.  You can see a bit in the lower left hand corner  Thats about it for tonite........I am fibered out.  I set the twist on 18 skeins of yarn yesterday.  We packaged about 20 pounds of fiber today.  Some in rovings (Strawberry Fields Rovings), some in bags of mixed up stuff (Spinners Salad) very cool!!!!
 All of which will be available for sale once our webpage is up............Yes......I admit it, I do not want to touch another piece of fiber........(till tomorrow)

YIKES X......

Penny............off to veg.....
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 This is Richards first attempt at Kool Aid dyeing!!!  You just have to love a man that will take a skein of yarn that you have spun and soak it in Kool Aid.......and then fret because it didnt turn out how he wanted it to.  I think it is just lovely!!!........Richard hauled this fleece a mile (along with 4 others) back to the car at MD wool and sheep, he washed it, picked it and made it into rovings for me.......I spun it and then he dyed it.  I love that our yarn has passed through our hands so many times.  And somday someone will knit this yarn and feel all those good vibes we put in it.......

This is some Shetland that basically follows the same procedure as the yarn above.  This fleece is just incredible and Richard decided that I should spin it by itself and let it be the natural heather grey color that it is.  I think he was right, it has made a lovely yarn and spun up like a dream.  It practically drafts itself.  I think I will spin all of this fleece much like this skein.  Wouldnt it make an incredible heavy weight sweater.  Geezzzz........I just love this fiber business!!!!!

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I feel like I have started the countdown to Stitches East now.  I had no idea I would feel so much pressure to get things done.  I also feel so unprepared.  I decided to do a little bio on myself to go in all the bags so I am trying to get my head around that.  I never know what to say about myself.  I know that I want to sound confident and successful, but I dont want to sound boastful because that is totally out of character for me.  I guess I should concentrate on the product and what I love about spinning and it will come across alright. 

I just feel like a minnow in the ocean with tuna or something..........I have terrible, terrible performance anxiety and big crowds are freaky to me, so this should be interesting.  And I say performance because I think selling is somewhat of a performance.  Fortunately I have Richard  he is a performer and can talk to anyone.........

This is some of this great long haired BFL that I have along with some colored fluff and a pretty novelty with glittery flags that dont really show up in the picture........

Well.......off to Michaels to get some packaging and ribbon and stuff........

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 This is spun from roving from my good friend Martie.  Martie has one of the grooviest yarn shops in.......well.......probably the world.  She has so many exciting things going on in the next couple of weeks.  Exciting people are going to be at her shop doing workshops and demonstrations.  Each year with the climax of Taos Wool and Sheep Festival she works incredibly hard behind the scene to get the shop ready for all the shoppers that come to wool festival.  When you go in the shop it is a feast for the eyes, this due to the talent of Martie and her staff and their ability to arrange and decorate the shop to make yarn shopping a blast.  Also the shop is in an old historic adobe building that embraces you as soon as you walk in the door, with its thick walls, high ceilings and lovely wood floors. Make sure if you go to Taos for the festival that you drive up to Arroyo Seco to visit Taos Sunflower!!!!!.........(about a ten minute drive)

So that you will know that my life is something other then yarn and fiber I like to try and include another picture.  Usually this picture is of my dogs........so you will see that my life is......yarn, fiber and dogs. 

I made a wonderful pound cake the other day and let the dogs do prewash.  I actually did a tiny bit myself.........

I consumed a great deal of batter as a child......cookie and cake batter.  I couldn't wait to get the beaters and hope for lots left in the bowl.  At that point it was always as good as the baked cookie.    And then someting happened, something really scary........the FEAR of the raw egg!!!!  This pound cake day I had no fear, I was not grossed out like I was when I was a vegetarian, I just wanted to go back to that place in my Moms kitchen.  That place where the counter top was at about eye level, little fingers gripped around the edge ......waiting.......So, I am as you see, still alive. Happy to share batter with my little ones after I had a couple of good licks first.

ps......one after thought.......my Nana always seemed to leave a bit more batter in the bowl......
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Well here it is .......this is my first ever dyed yarn.  If I tell you it smells like Lemonade and Strawberry.... would that give it away as to what I used.  I was just dieing to dye something and the Kool Aid was readily available and so easy and fun.  This yarn is kinda special because we started with the fleece and did the whole process.......of course it is worth like several hundreds of dollars now!!!!.....my whole life I figure I probably have made about $1.50 an hour!!!!........Any and all artist totally will understand that logic. So my Dear Dye Friends.....what do you think?? Does it pass the audition.......???

So........other then yarn speak.  I would like to know if I am the only person that puts a cell phone to their ear to listen for the dial tone???
I am so technology challenged.  I have never owned a cell phone and will occasionally have to use Richards and I do it every time right up to the ear........!!!!!>......... 

   No.....actually he did give me a cell phone for a while and took it away because I never used it and couldnt retrieve my messages and couldnt remember my code or whatever it is called.......half the time I can not even remember my phone number........

Penny With the Dial Phone Lane.......
ps.....i love old phones............do you remember dialing a boy up on the phone as a teen....... and as the dial was coming around making that clickety sound you pushed down the hang-up button.......only to do it again and again and again.......i know some of you remember.......or how about "Is your refrigerator running?".........or......."Why did you answer you just electrocuted the telephone repair man."......it was so much fun.........of course all of this pre.....calller ID, call waiting, answer call, star 69 and so on.......great gads.....do we really need all that.......

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 I had not done a coiled yarn in ages and realized that I should do more because they are fun, time consuming,but fun!!.  This is a roving from The Yarn Wench and some flowers that I knit.......haha.......did I get you for a moment........These are flowers that my Mom knit and embellished with beads.  I think the colors are just gorgeous together.  So this was a totally unplanned yarn that found itself in parts on the table just begging to be put together.  The flowers are spun in, not tied on, so they will not move at all.  I may have 8 yards here and started with about 60 yards or so. 

Penny in the Garden of Yarn Lane


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This is a "Sarah D. Ippity" yarn.  I really like the colors in this one and the escapee mohair.  I have'nt gotten to spin in three days......arghhh.....Once again I need to photograph, tag and price yarn.  So I will have new pictures........I didnt do a very good job of keeping track of which yarns I have posted so if you ever see something twice I apologize. 

I am counting down now to the show I am doing.  It is really scary being my first show, but exciting also.  It will be very interesting to me to see what people like.  I am sure I will get quite an education!!!!......I just didnt get what I wanted to done.  I was shooting for 300 skeins and may have 200..........Oh well........but at least I managed that many between moving 5 times in 5 months.  Of course it would be nice to go to bed at eleven and sleep until 8 or 9.......hahaha.  If I did that I might only have 100 skeins!!!!.......

We are very small in the world.........

This is Jesse James......believe me small means nothing to him.  He has survived an attack by a large dog that nearly bit his head off.  Several falls down staircases.   Once he fell a full story from one level of my old house to another.  He used to have terrible sezuires. He is 15 and tough as nails, he is grumpy,  very stiff with arthritis ........but he has that Ever Ready Battery thing hapening. He really is a walking miracle....... I just love old dogs and their white faces!!!........Oh and did I mention he is a dirty old man.......I will not go there...........I named him Jesse James because I thought he was so cute he should be outlawed and I couldnt have named him better!!!!

Penny..........All Over the Place......Lane

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